Florida Man’s Pants Fall Off While Stealing TVs, Police Eventually Find Him With Crack Pipe In His Ass

Photo: Diverse Images/UIG (Getty)

Here’s a great story to show your girlfriend the next time she says that you have problems.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 350-pound Florida man was arrested after he “ran” from a Fort Lauderdale Walmart with two stolen TVs last month, and the cops had no problem catching up with him, not because of his weight but because his pants containing his ID fell off while he made his getaway.

Just as crazy as the California woman who hit a cyclist while hiding meth in her vagina, police said 45-year-old Columbus Henderson – no seriously, that’s his name – made his way to a checkout counter with a Walmart employee, let the cashier scan each of the 40-inch Hisense TVs and then hightailed it out of the “garden center” with the merchandise. Unfortunately for Henderson, his pants didn’t survive the getaway, and his medical identification card was stashed in one of his pockets.

Plus, the entire incident was captured on video, one that will hopefully be released in the near future for the enjoyment of all.

Henderson was able to make it all the way back to his residence in St. Petersburg, but police finally caught up with him and arrested him for grand theft last Tuesday. They took him to the Pinellas County Jail for booking, and that’s where Henderson decided to inform police that he had a glass crack pipe jammed up his poop chute.

According to the police report, Henderson “removed the crack pipe from his anus ” and dropped it on the ground when officers took him out of their squad car. An officer was sent to retrieve it, and he eventually found it stuffed with “steel wool.”

Let’s hope he put on a pair of gloves prior to the search.

And that’s why you shouldn’t do drugs, kids.

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