dog accidentally shoots owner
Black Staffordshire bull terrier / Labrador mix against white backdrop

Iowa Man Hospitalized After Dog Accidentally Shoots Him While Wrestling

Black Dog against white backdrop. Photo: Catherine Falls Commercial (Getty)

Dogs (not bears) are unquestionably man’s best friend. But even best friends have a tendency to make a mistake or two. Unfortunately for one 51-year-old Iowa man, that mistake involved being shot with his own gun.

Iowa Man Hospitalized After Dog Accidentally Shoots Him

Richard Remme told 9-1-1 dispatchers that while playing with his Labrador-pit bull mix named Balew, the dog accidentally hit and fired his gun. Consequently, the gun went off and hit the owner. “Unfortunately, in this case, you can’t foresee things that can happen, and this was just one of those freak accidents,” Ft. Dodge police Chief Roger Porter said. “Wrestling around with your dog, you wouldn’t think it could happen, but it did and it was unfortunate.”

Remme was transferred to another hospital recently due to internal bleeding. We can only hope he makes a speedy recovery.

dog accidentally shoots owner
Photo: GoFundMe

According to a GoFundMe started by Remme’s son, Remme and Balew were doing their best WWE impression: the dog would jump on Remme and Remme would throw him off. Rinse and repeat …until Remme’s concealed 9mm discharged from inside his holster.

Perhaps he should keep it in a safer place: Missouri Woman Busted With Loaded Gun Hidden In Her Vagina

Remme and his son believe the safety must have been turned off accidentally during the canine cage match.

Josh’s take

Rule #1 Don’t wrestle with your dog while you have a gun attached to you. I don’t care if it shoots BBs.

Rule #2 Always remember rule #1.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter who lives in St. Louis and contributes to Mandatory.