Missouri Woman Busted With Loaded Gun Hidden In Her Vagina

detail of pistol holding in jeans waist ofyoung woman. Photo: quintanilla (Getty)

We’re assuming the click of a gun would be a lot easier to find than the…well…you know where we’re going with this joke.

According to LADbible, Anika Watt was found with all sorts of no-nos in her possession during a traffic stop in September. Yet, thanks to a reduced sentence agreement reached between her and prosecutors on Friday, she’ll likely be spending far less time in prison than she could have without the plea deal.

loaded gun in vagina, weird news

The 27-year-old Watt faced up to 10 years in an Illinois jail after police officers in Bloomington determined she was a felon in possession of a weapon during the fateful September traffic stop. Her weapon of choice was a loaded Kimber .380 caliber handgun which, on its own, sounds like something a lot of Americans have on their person these days.

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So why are we writing about it? The fact that officers found the 5.6-inch gun jammed up her vagina is a key place to start.

Officers also found heroin and Ecstasy during their search, and although it’s not mentioned specifically where they found the drugs, we’ll assume the location was somewhere else in Watt’s car. I mean, there couldn’t have possibly been more room left where they found the gun, right?