It Looks Like Walmart Is Selling ‘Snorting Cocaine Off A Hooker’s Ass’ Shirts Now

On second thought, I will shop amongst that filth after all.

According to Mashable, the largest retailer in America is now selling a line of “I’d Rather Be” gear on their website, which is nice. But instead being able to buy a license plate cover that reads “I’d Rather Be Skiing” or hell, an “I’d Rather Eat Shit Than Drive A Ford” sticker on Walmart’s website, it’s this shirt that’s got a lot of people’s panties in a bunch:

walmart hookers shirt

walmart shirt

Oh, wouldn’t we all?

So, why would Walmart be carrying a shirt that reads “I’d Rather Be Snorting Cocaine Off A Hooker’s Ass” shirt? Naturally, it’s not their fault. Here’s what they said in an “official statement”:

“This obviously has no business being on our site. It wasn’t sold by Walmart directly, but by a third-party sellers on our marketplace. It’s in clear violation of our policy. We apologize to anyone who was offended by the item and we’re removing it immediately.”

Damn. I was going to buy six of them.

The third party that was selling the shirt on Walmart’s website is Hollywood Thread, and unfortunately, you can’t get in on their site anymore either. The good news? You guessed it: The “Whitney Fan Crack Is Whack” shirts are still a full go.

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