Tennessee Woman Caught With Loaded Gun in Her Vagina

Photo: Voyagerix (Getty)

It’s not like we’re experts, but we have to assume that driving a vehicle with just about anything crammed up your vagina is frowned upon, especially a loaded handgun. I mean, one pothole or a little too much bass from that Skrillex jam could mean the end of you.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 19-year-old Tennessee woman who was originally arrested Monday afternoon for driving with a suspended license is now in a hell of a lot more trouble after stashing a stolen gun in her cooch. Oh, and the fact that her name is Dallas Archer pretty much solidifies this as the greatest story to ever come out of Tennessee.

During a search at the Kingsport jail, a female officer noticed an “unknown object” in Archer’s crotch. After what was probably just a tad more intimate of a search, that object turned out to be a four-inch five-shot mini revolver that was stolen from John Souther during an auto burglary last year.

Souther told The Smoking Gun that he wouldn’t mind having “the little fellow” back, as it’s valued at almost $250. But he said he would probably have to wash it “in a bath of bleach” first.

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