This Transformer Table Dining Set With Bench and Coffee Table Is Perfect For Small Spaces

Nice things? Never heard of them! Since you’ve started renting that upscale apartment, things have gotten a little, shall we say, tight. We’re not just talking about budget-wise (though you have been spending a bit too much on dumb crap and someone had to say it out loud), but also your abode doesn’t seem to be as large as you thought it once was. Maybe it’s all the WFH clutter, maybe your family has just become increasingly messier. At any rate, this Transformer Table Dining Set with Bench And Coffee Table is the perfect way to create a zen atmosphere while still having opulent things.

Okay everyone, sit down and let’s chat about the 100% hardwood Transformer Table Dining Set with Bench And Coffee Table (unless you don’t have anywhere to sit, which would make this purchase sensible). The Transformer Table Dining Set with Bench And Coffee Table is a perfect addition to any studio apartment, tiny home, or anywhere else with a little less wiggle room. Even if you do have a large space, this table extends from 18″ to 10′ in an instant, while the bench extends from 28″ to 11′. It seats up to 12 of your closest friends fully extended and is perfect for both game night and fancy-schmancy dinner parties (unless you’re still social distancing, then you can save a seat for your dog, he seems to be a good date). And, because the set is heat and water-resistant, it’s almost indestructible (just don’t tell your kid that, those little booger eaters love a challenge).

So, how transformative can this set truly be? That 12 person table scales down to the size of a console, while the bench stores within itself in an integrated storage box. Need a little extra space while saving space? The table can be used to store all the unused table panels in the integrated compartment and can be used as a shelving unit. Honestly, why even buy an apartment when you can just live among this set?

Still unsure? The fine 1,822 backers over at Kickstarter have forked over $3,267,765 to make sure you don’t table this deal (Eh, eh?).

Get the Transformer Table Dining Set with Bench And Coffee Table for $2499.99 (Reg. $3199).

Prices subject to change.


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