Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade, Oblige With This Handmade Japanese Knife Set

While stress causes us to do a lot of cringe-worthy things, it almost always induces a need for fast food, junk snacks, and overall garbage for your body. The good news is we’re starting to get out act together when it comes to fighting off the damn virus (hopefully), which means you can stress less and get back in the kitchen to cook some healthy meals (well, most healthy meals, at least). We do realize the cobwebs in your utensil drawer are mounting since the last time you dusted them off, so maybe it’s time to freshen the place up with this Handmade Japanese Knife Set.

If you’re ready to chop, slice, dice, and create, you’re ready for the hand forged, polished, and sharpened Handmade Japanese Knife Set. The blades are super light, which lends itself to fast prep, and the octagonal handle on each knife gets you that ultra tight grip. The tools in the kit are made with Sanmai Japanese VG10 high carbon stainless steel, have a K-tip, and sport a Kurouchi blacksmith finish, so you know you’re getting the finest in cutlery for a fraction of the price.

In terms of what the kit includes, you’ll be set for life in the kitchen with everything this kit has to offer. Included inside are an 8″ gyuto knife, 6″ utility knife, 10″ bread knife, and titanium kitchen shears. Beyond that, just sheers themselves have a seven-in-one function, which mens you can scissor, open bottles, screw scale fish, peel, strip herbs, and crack claws, nuts, and bones without breaking a sweat. Sounds like your kitchen nightmares are no more and your domain can now be considered what culinary dreams are made of–pretty sweet if you ask us.

Over the age of 18? Get the Handmade Japanese Knife Set, which includes an 8″ gyuto knife, 6″ utility knife, 10″ bread knife, titanium kitchen shears, carboard kraft box, packing paper, packing slip, three toasted pine boxes, three silica packets, and inserts for $242 (Reg. $284).

Prices subject to change.