Chop Into the New Year With This Seido™ Japanese Master Chef’s Knife Set Here on Sale for 71% Off

New year, new ways to screw up a diet you we’re for sure going to run with. If you’re going to continue to eat like the holidays never ended, you could at least cook like you’re always trying to present the best. That’s why this Seido™ Japanese Master Chef’s Knife Set is totally top-notch. And, because we know you’re working on yourself, it’s on sale for $69.99 as part of our same you, new food event. 

If you’re SOL in the kitchen for all of those healthy meal prep kits, let the Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knife Set revive how you cook. Made from strong high-carbon stainless steel, these knives offer both sharp edge retention and durability while also bringing you a higher carbon content than your run-of-the-mill knives you may have found when you just needed something cheap and ineffective (these knives blow your oldies out of the water).

The knives also incorporate a sloped bolster that travels gradually onto the blade face for better comfort and control so we don’t have to call mom to bring you to the ER (but if you can’t afford the hospital bill, the dog could be a good option). You’ll get five knives to choose from, ranging from a small pairing knife to an 8″ chef knife for your dicing pleasure whenever you’re in the mood to kick off that new year diet (spoiler alter: you’ll be cutting up a lot of taquitos instead).

So, what’s the deal with Japanese-style knives? With an acute 15-degree angle, you’ll get a noticeably sharper cutting face when compared to the Western style’s 24-degree edge angles, which is something to yee-haw about. The exclusive Pakka wood handle is something you’ll only find on a knife made for the most elite of kitchens, even though yours is a war zone (it’s okay buddy, we’re working on it).

Find out why the folks in our store give this set 4.5 out of five stars. Get the Seido™ Japanese Master Chef’s Knife Set for $69.99 (Reg. $249)— no coupon needed. Act fast, this deal ends on 1/9/23 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

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