Show Fido He Matters Most This Year With This DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Here on Sale for $55.99

As much a we truly despise most mammals of the human variety, they did one thing right: domesticate dogs. Sure, we would still find a way to pet something we know would kill us if all dogs were still wild, but we’re glad they get to sit on our couches and demand high-priced steak instead.

Even so, it would still be really cool to see what that mutt of yours spawned from exactly. If you’ve ever wondered what lineage Spot came from, this DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test could help. And, because we know you’re working on yourself, it’s on sale for $55.99 as part of our same you, new hobby event. 

Getting to know Fido a little better is super easy. Once you receive your kit, simply swab your pet’s cheeks with the provided sterile applicator, send in your sample using the return mailing envelope, and, presto, your results will be at your door in no time (well, in two weeks or less, but it surely feels like a split second). It’s an easy, pain-free process for your pups, and a fun way to tell them they’re adopted (though we cannot provide dog therapy, so tread lightly). The detailed report will illustrate your dog’s personality traits, DNA breakdown, breed mix, and predisposition to diseases.

Like a proud puppy mom, you’ll also receive a custom photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog’s DNA makeup, including a percentage breakdown, to hang on your fridge and happily sigh at every time you think about Fluffy.

There are countless doggie DNA test kits in the market, but this one is a proven winner. Super stoked reviewer Deborah Y writes, “All my pets have been rescue animals, primarily from unknown sources before their arrival in rescue centers. It’s been a source of amused speculation with the question: Who’s your Daddy or Who’s your Mommy? given their mixed breeds and looks. DNAmyDog answered in part by providing a breed direction. One of my dogs had none of our breed guesses, and one of my dogs had two guessed and two unsuspected breeds. These results have provided amusement and astonishment to family and friends!”

Find out why the folks in our store give this set 4.5 our of five stars. Get the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test for $55.99 (Reg. $79)— no coupon needed. Act fast, this deal ends on 1/9/23 at 11:59 PM Pacific.