This Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knife Eight Piece Set With Gift Box Is a Great Last-Minute Gift For Mom

Among all of the things mom did to make sure we stayed alive and healthy, it was her time in the kitchen that made really valued memories (most of them involving complaining about broccoli, but whatever). You put both mom and her cooking knives through the wringer throughout your younger years, and even the coolest of cooking moms have a breaking point. It’s time to pay the piper for the emotional damage you left at the dinner table. Grab this Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knife Eight Piece Set With Gift Box to thank mom for all of the meals she served hot and fresh.

Ready to slice, dice, chop, and serve the cleanest-looking meals on the block? The Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knife Set is made from strong high-carbon stainless steel with higher carbon content than other knives, so you get both sharp edge retention and durability. That means you have plenty of chances to throw away that singular dull knife you use to both chop veggies and open packages with. As for the construction, you’ll benefit from a sloped bolster that travels gradually onto the blade face so you have better comfort and all-around control of your blades (which is more than we can say for the other factions of your very anxious life). You’ll get eight knives to choose from, ranging from a small pairing knife to an 8″ chef knife for all of your culinary needs.

And, before you ask, yes, Japanese knives are 1000% better knives than the ones you pick up in the sale section of your local department store for a variety of reasons. With an acute 15-degree angle, you’ll get a noticeably sharper cutting face when compared to the Western-style’s 24-degree edge angles. As an added bonus, the Pakka wood handle is a feature you would only find on blades at a chic steakhouse where the fancy stuff like Wagyu is being served (you’ve never had Wagyu before, but it sounds aristocratic and that’s enough for you).

Get the Seido™ Japanese Master Chef Knife Eight Piece Set With Gift Box, for $139.99 (Reg. $429).

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