This Controller Will Help You Perfect Some Sick Graphic Design Skills

2020 has given us a lot of time to try something new. Some of us have picked up a new hobby, some of us have lost weight, some of us have been…absolutely exhausted. If you’re like us, sitting still is not an option, and all of the banana bread has officially been baked. And, while we know you just love your job (or maybe working from home at your screen all day has been pretty drastic for you), it’s time to A) make yourself more marketable or B) just add something fun to your repertoire. For creatives, one way to level up is by investing in the tools that can help you do that.

Visual artists, this one’s for you. TourBox: The Ultimate Controller for Creators is like a little extension of your arm. It helps perfect your craft by helping control the speed, accuracy, and acceleration of your movements. Perfect for users of Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and Capture One, this bad boy is created to use in conjunction with your mouse, speeding up your work and offering far more precision—retouching a touchup is a thing of the past.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the TourBox: The Ultimate Controller for Creators, also comes with a Type-C cable. It usually runs for $169, but it’s currently on sale for $149.99. Save 11% on a tool that will help you create your sickest artwork yet.

Prices subject to change.

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