2020 Has Been Exhausting—Get Some Rest With This Sleep-Focused Set

There’s a gaggle of reasons you may not be getting the zzz’s you deserve: tomorrow’s big presentation, having to meet your partner’s parents, the fact that this year has been a well-oiled dumpster fire filled with impending doom. No matter the case, it’s time for you to rest up and get ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Meet the Klova Rested Human Bundle for all of your #RestedHuman needs.

This bundle comes with a few tricks for supreme REM. The Sleep ZPatch is an adhesive patch packed with a calming blend of 10 nature-inspired ingredients that works for about 8 hours, the recommended amount of sleep by people who know a thing or two. The Sleep ZGummies work as a blend of melatonin, passionflower extract, and vitamin B6, which gets you to Sleep City via the fast lane (and can help you if you’re stuck in the HOV lane). If that’s not enough, bring in the big guns with the CBD drops for a basic blend of hemp extract and MCT Oil. Just a few drops, and you’ll be snoring louder than the dog (sorry Fido).

Psst, just one more thing… We know there are a lot of benefits to CBD; do us a favor and check in with your doc about it before taking the plunge (it’s technically not yet FDA approved). Also, usage and legality is a state-by-state variance, so make sure you’re playing by the rules, so you don’t add a new bullet point to your list of reasons why you can’t get that shuteye.

Don’t sleep on this deal (see what we did there?). The Klova Rested Human Bundle, which includes the Sleep ZPatch, Sleep ZGummies, and CBD Drops, usually runs for $130, but you can grab it for $109.99, a 16% discount.

Prices subject to change.

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