Grab Some Sweet PlayStation Deals With This PlayStation Plus: 5-Year Subscription Bundle

To say it’s been difficult to stay busy in a zeitgeist of both boredom and existential dread is an understatement. It’s literally been almost two years, every resource of fun has been exhausted, and all you have left is your PlayStation and a dream (oh yeah, and a house full of family members, but you made your kids cry playing Uno last week and now they won’t hang with you). In case we get pushed back into the house for another extended amount of time because people don’t know how to act, grab this PlayStation Plus: 5-Year Subscription Stackable Code Bundle, and make sure you have entertainment to get you by.

Okay, let’s break this bad boy down. For five whole years, you’ll be first in line for some sweet PlayStation deals and details only exclusive members can get their hands on. Get your paws on PlayStation classics, exclusive discounts, and cloud storage, two free games each month, and exclusive discounts on some sick PS merch. The codes for this deal stack, which means you’ll never get locked out of your precious PlayStation projects. Just combine the five codes in this deal and, bam, instant five-year all-access pass to a world of gaming wonder.

And, since it is the holiday season, you’re going to want to share the wealth with your buds (maybe), so it’s great that PlayStation Plus grants you access to online multiplayer. That means you can make your friends cry in person and through your PlayStation. Use the cloud storage to look back on all of your fav gaming moments as well as character profiles, so you know the lay of the land next time Fortnitefreak1035 wants to run his mouth (we know it’s you Frank, and lest you forget you got crushed in COD last week).

Get the PlayStation Plus: 5-Year Subscription Stackable Code Bundle for $219 (Reg. $299).

Prices subject to change.