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Watch Kacey Musgraves Perform Naked on ‘SNL,’ Music Has Sure Changed in the Last Year

Talk about a stripped-down performance. Kacey Musgraves, the country-pop singer known for crossover hits like ‘High Horse’ kicked off the SNL season premiere with a very intimate performance. Singing her new tune ‘Justified’ in front of a live studio audience, Musgraves came out with nothing on but an acoustic guitar and a pair of cowboy boots.

With the mood lights dimmed low, America squinted, wondering if their eyes were playing tricks on them as Musgraves strummed away on the luckiest stool in Studio 8H. So sultry was the lighting even audience members weren’t sure what they were seeing during the show’s “dress rehearsal” with most believing the birthday suit had a few emergency flaps in place.

But after the show, Musgrave’s stylist (who had an easy day at the office) posted this telling ‘Gram:


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With a lot riding on her new album, the first since her divorce from Ruston Kelly, Musgraves clearly has a lot of skin in the game. But did the 33-year-old pop star really bare it all? If so, it would be the first time that’s ever happened in SNL music history.

See if you can spot the, um… truth below:

While the rest of the night had its up and downs, with host Owen Wilson’s laconic energy taking the wind out of the show’s sails at times, it was definitely a night to remember with Musgrave’s overt homage to Jenny from Forrest Gump. With fans calling her the next Taylor Swift, the only question now is how the reigning queen of singer-songwriting is going to top this level of performance intimacy? Looks like the ball’s in Swift’s court, and we can’t wait to see how she fires back.

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