‘Jackass’ Steve-O Duct Tapes Himself to Billboard Sign, New Level of Dedication to Promoting His Work

Some people will do anything for publicity. Steve-O, best known as a Jackass alum, went above – literally – and beyond to promote his new comedy special Gnarly. How? He duct-taped himself to a billboard.

Dressed in only a diaper (we shit you not), the actor and comedian appeared last week attached to a billboard that read “Steve-O ‘Gnarly’ a very naughty multimedia special” over the intersection of Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street in Hollywood. He posted a selfie of this gravity-defying stunt on Instagram.

“I’m attached to a billboard right now (swipe to see the whole thing) and want to emphasize that a team of real professionals rigged everything safely,” the caption read. “There is zero chance of me falling, and it’s important to me that we not waste any valuable city resources on this. I’m happy to just hang out, and really want the world to know about this project I worked so hard on. It’s called Gnarly and, if you’re over 18, check it out at! Thanks!”

We don’t know how many views he got on his special, but his stunt did get the attention of the cops – who determined that duct-taping yourself to a billboard was not a crime if you’d rented the billboard – and 21 firefighters who were dispatched to get him down.

Clearly, Steve-O didn’t factor in the amount of money his little antic would cost the city, because he later admitted that he didn’t intend to “waste any resources at all.” He had his own crane standing by, but the Los Angeles Fire Department instead shut down the street and removed him.

While the point of all this brouhaha was to promote his new special, it would seem the message got lost in the medium. Still, you gotta admire the guy’s dedication to his craft.

Cover Photo: @steveo (Instagram)

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