The Funniest Tweets About Land O’ Lakes’ Missing Butter Maiden

The internet erupted in rage over the weekend. No, it wasn’t about Trump’s latest absurd recommendations for coronavirus treatment. It was about the removal of the Native American maiden on Land O’ Lakes’ butter box. It appeared that the company (based in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes), finally got woke to the racist stereotype it promoted on its packaging and attempted to de-margarine-alize the maiden.

While Native activists praised the move, the new logo, which features the land, and, well, the lakes, really burned the toast of white, conservative Americans. A Twitter firestorm erupted, Land O’ Lakes started trending (for all the wrong reasons), and the clap back was hilarious. These are the funniest tweets about the Land O’ Lakes’ missing maiden.

Cover Photo: Bob Berg / Contributor (Getty Images)

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