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Sarah Beattie, Twitter Potty Mouth Model, Drops Her Own Comic Series ‘Money Shot’

In Sarah Beattie’s opinion, the only thing standing between womankind and the entire mapping of the cosmos is money. Her new comic, illustrated by the talented Rebekah Isaacs and co-written by Tim Seeley, boldly envisions a universe wherein conquering the vastness of space can be accomplished using funding from the internet’s second-most-popular commodity: porn. The 26-year-old Twitter-famous comedian is brash, witty, sex positive, and knows how to get her point across in a sentence or less. So, Money Shot, a comic series about space porn, is a natural extension of her talents, tapping into her ability to concoct “a 100 different porn titles or sex positions in a few minutes.” Get the latest offering from Vault Comics while supplies last. Here are 21 hilarious tweets from @nachosarah to get you in the mood (for the comic) while you wait in line to grab your copy.

Photo: Sarah Beattie

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