New Jesus Sneakers Are Selling Like Holy Hell, Not the Sole Searching He Had in Mind

Jesus spent a lot of his best years cruising the Holy Land barefoot. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take some brand-new Nike running shoes filled with holy water if he had the chance. The Air Max 97’s, repackaged by Brooklyn-based creative label, MSCHF, to include holy water air pockets, crucifix laces, a red papal sole, Bible verse (about walking on water), and the pleasing scent of frankincense, were made in an attempt to poke fun at collab culture by examining what a collaboration with the ultimate trust-fund kid might look like. Apparently, no one got the joke because the entire stock of $3,000 “Jesus Shoes” sold out in less time then it takes to mutter a Hail Mary.

The failed transaction makes us wonder how the son of God would handle fame and fortune in the 21st century. Big daddy Christ was a salt-of-the-Earth kind of guy and never carried around that much cash. But what if JC had the means to finally buy the fly kicks he deserves? WWJD do in a brand-new pair of Nike Jesus Shoes? We have a few ideas.

Photo: Jesus Shoes (MSCHF)

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