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RANKED! The 10 Greatest Basketball Shoes in the History of the NBA

Sneakerheads everywhere argue what the greatest basketball shoes of all time are on a daily basis more vigorously than Republicans argue with Democrats about anything. You’ll never see an argument between two random people escalate quicker than if there’s a kid from Brooklyn talking sneakers with a kid from L.A. It’s exactly like the Hatfields and McCoys only with skinny jeans, baseball caps, and vintage kicks on their feet. But, realistically creating a top 10 is almost impossible. There are just too many levels and parameters to sneaker greatness: functionality, flash, style, originality, available colorways, comfort, how they look with shorts, how they look with jeans, can you actually hoop in them. Somehow we still managed to put together a ranking of 10 kicks any respectable sneakerhead should have in their closet at all times. You may even wanna grab two pairs of each, just in case.

Cover Photo: Focus On Sport / Contributor

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