The Last Remaining Major Actors Left to Give Into Superhero Stardom

Once an actor or actress achieves a certain level of fame, most do what they can to maintain it. When those indie roles just aren’t bringing home truckloads of bread, the easiest way to juice up a career is to put a suit on it. It’s time for protein, push-ups, and a high-profile comic book character role. They wiggle into those tights, strap on the red cape, and prepare to fly (or at least pretend to in front of a green screen). A lot of stars have played this card, and enjoyed an abundance of success because of it: Robert Downey Jr. made a comeback with Iron Man, Christian Bale turned it up a notch with Batman Begins, and Brie Larson kept it going with Captain Marvel. There are still a lot of stars whose careers are either on the rise or wading in uncertainty, perfectly primed for superhero stardom. The following list comprises those stars as they sit in the dark awaiting that fateful phone call from Marvel or DC.

Cover Photo: Paramount Pictures

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