Mandatory Superhero Battles: The Boys vs. The Avengers

When you find out the school bully stole your favorite light-up sneakers and you’re debating whether to throw your pudding at him, no archetype is more appealing than that of the superhero. Our affinity for superheroes never seems to age; Marvel’s success echoes this eternal desire for caped saviors. Amazon’s new series, The Boys, dismantles the notion that “supes” can do no wrong. It strongly asserts that we’re all obsessed with enhanced individuals and might need to move on from tights and testosterone. But do we have to? Let’s pit The Boys against The Avengers and see what becomes of nostalgia. Warning: minor spoilers for both The Boys and The Avengers ahead!

Photo: Amazon Studios and Marvel Studios

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The traditional superhero may be a little cliché or contrived at times, but it’s just so damn irresistible. Nostalgia is one iron-clad, superhuman, badass motherfucker. Grit is all well and good, but it can take a toll on viewers. Not to mention, The Boys could use more female characters with their own agency. Big money is on the fact that Starlight follows Captain Marvel on Instagram and not the other way around.

Overall Winner: The Avengers

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