Chairs, Glasses And Haymakers All Got Thrown In This Epic British Bar Fight

Screengrab: Twitter/West Yorkshire Police

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Nothing good happens after midnight.

According to the New York Post, roughly 20 blokes at the Arc Bar in Leeds last Saturday morning learned that the hard way in an epic brawl that featured kicking, punching and chairs and glasses being thrown through the air.

Odds are you’re going to love this fight just as much as the two people with permasmiles on their faces did as they took in the action from the booth at the top of your screen.

It’s hard to say who actually won the fight, but the poor guy in the bottom right of your screen who was literally getting the shit kicked out of him sure didn’t. In fact, if you know that guy, tell him that he should never fight again because he sucks at it.

I mean, not only did he find himself getting kicked in the dome, but he also got shoved to the ground by one of the weakest pushes I have ever seen in the fight game. He then took a few more good shots to the head while he was down there before jumping over the bar and walking out the back with half of his butt hanging out of his jeans.

Perhaps collecting stamps from here on out would be a better call, pal.

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