Karma Arrived Super Quickly For This Package Thief

Photo: stevecoleimages (Getty)

Here’s some friendly advice from the brilliant minds at Mandatory: don’t steal. And yes, that’s common sense, but unfortunately some people just don’t get it, and because of that they never think twice when stealing something that doesn’t belong to them. Case in point, the people in the video below.

Now we already know that there are tons of people out there who steal packages, even models are at it, too. But sometimes karma decides to arrive on the scene quickly to take care of things. Just take a look at the video below that was captured by security camera at a house in Bothell, Washington.

Karma Arrived Super Quickly For This Package Thief

So here’s a quick recap: the woman in the video above was so eager to run off with the stolen packages that she slipped, and either sprained her ankle or hurt her leg pretty badly as you can see her leg tuck up behind her as she lands on it. You can also hear her groaning in pain, which is probably music to the ears of those who enjoy some good old karma videos.

But hey, at least her partner in crime ran back to get those packages while his lady probably passed out from the pain in the car.

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