‘Grinch’ Returns Christmas Tree To Fast Food Joint After Stealing It

Photo: Universal Pictures

Well it looks like he found some Christmas spirit.

The Seguin Police Department in Texas recently shared a a video on their Facebook that shows a thief, who they dubbed the “Whataburger Grinch,” returning a small Christmas tree that he stole. You can clearly see in the video the guy, with a hood on, walk into the restaurant before setting the tree down next to a cash register and bailing.

Check out the video below.

‘Grinch’ Returns Christmas Tree To Fast Food Joint After Stealing It

According to the police department, it seems this guy stole the tree as part of a dare and he actually agreed to do some community service as punishment for trying to ruin Christmas.

The police department also decided to have a little fun with the case and created their own Dr. Seuss-style poem.

Just like the Grinch in Whoville that year,
He wound up finding his Christmas cheer.
Our local guy, who stole from Whataburger on a dare,
Returned the short tree, which is actually quite rare.
To those who might steal this Christmas year,
We ask that you rather give some Christmas cheer.

~Seguin (aka Whoville) Police Department

I’m glad our tax dollars are going to some creative writing classes.

h/t UPI

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