Meanwhile on TikTok: ‘Hot Grinch’ Is What Women Want in Their Stockings This Christmas (Are You Up to It?)

The Grinch has been called many things. Stingy. Mean. Selfish. But one adjective never previously associated with the green, furry Seussian character is sexy. Leave it to TikTok to change that.

This all started after theme park YouTuber and blogger Alessa Dufresne posted a video of the classic children’s book character criticizing her eyelashes but complimenting her on her contour (whatever that means).

“Oh no, yours are fake,” says the Grinch after inspecting her lashes. “But you’re doing great work with the contour.”

@thatdisgirlThe Grinch was crabby, but liked my makeup ##fyp ##foryourpage ##thegrinch ##christmas♬ original sound – Alessa Dufresne

“The Grinch was crabby, but liked my makeup,” she captioned the video.

The salty attitude wasn’t what got people on TikTok talking, however. It was the Grinch’s…sex appeal?! Some mistook the video for a thirst trap.

“I just know he is FINE under that makeup,” wrote one.

“HELP WHY IS HE HOT,” wondered another.

“I finally understand why Martha May had the hots for him,” a third offered.

We can’t pretend to understand why this Grinch got the ladies all hot under the collar, but the gauntlet has definitely been thrown down to all of us dudes when it comes to our next bedroom role play challenge. Are you man enough to stuff your girlfriend’s stocking while disguised as one of the most unattractive Christmas icons ever? We dare you to try it and report back.

Cover Photo: TikTok