Look At This Piece Of Garbage Push A Woman Onto Train Tracks

Screenshot: Facebook

As someone who takes the subway almost everyday, I always try my best to stay aware of my surroundings, and that’s mainly because there are a lot of crazy people walking out and about. And the crazy footage below is just proof of that.

The video below, captured on CCTV in a Hong Kong train station, shows a woman standing on the edge of the platform, waving and talking to her friend on the other side of the train tracks. And out of nowhere this creep comes up from behind her and shoves her, making woman fall onto the tracks.

Check out the footage below.

Look At This Piece Of Garbage Push A Woman Onto Train Tracks

Thankfully, no trains were approaching and the woman was able to escape with her life with only an injured jaw. The 59-year-old woman is currently recovering at Pok Oi Hospital. As for the piece of trash who shoved her, he was eventually caught and arrested for assault.

The man is 56-years-old and there is no word as to why in the hell he did what he did. My guess? He’s completely bonkers.

h/t Channel News Asia

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