Just A Naked Florida Man Trying To Get Into A Police Car

Screenshot: YouTube

I think the majority of us can admit that we did some pretty stupid shit when we were 18 years old. Hell, I once drove over a pair – yeah, not one but two – cement blocks in the high school parking lot and left a trail of gasoline that eventually dried and ripped up a decent potion of the lot, causing hundreds of dollars in damages.

That definitely was pretty stupid on my part, but it’s nowhere near as stupid as this:

Kids, meet Andrew Humphries.

The 18-year-old Florida man was arrested by Marion County sheriff’s deputies last month when he walked away from a crash while he was buck naked and then tried to get into one of the officer’s vehicles while he was being questioned about his decision-making.

Police said Humphries caused $1,000 in damage when he started kicking a rear door after the deputy put him in handcuffs. It was later learned that Humphries had tried getting into other vehicles that were parked in a lot near another police station.

He also decided to piss on some of those vehicles, but no word if he was encouraged to do so by one of those “Calvin and Hobbes” stickers on a rear window.

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