Just A Dude Cruising Along On A Motorized Crate Of Beer

Screenshot: YouTube

Getting to and from a party safely is often times the most important decision you’ll make during the night, but with the addition of Uber, Lyft and buddies in your inner circle of friends who now have pregnant wives, that decision has become much easier than it has been in the past.

Apparently that decision gets even easier when you cross the Atlantic and spend a night in the Netherlands, as you can now add a motorized beer crate to the list of ways to get to and from a bash thanks to this creative genius who was recently filmed cruising alongside a highway in Limburg.

And let’s be honest: If this clip doesn’t make you laugh like the guys who recorded it and then posted it to YouTube, you should probably go see a doctor because you might be dead inside.

Just A Dude Cruising Along On A Motorized Crate Of Beer

Of course, there is one downside to showing up to a party on a motorized beer cart. I mean, if this guy meets a girl at the party and she wants a ride home, he’s going to have to really dig deep and pull out whatever’s left in that creativity bank.

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