Iman Shumpert’s Mind Gets Blown After He Sees White House Podium Disassembled

The Cleveland Cavaliers visiting the White House as NBA champions is pretty shocking given the fact that they were down three games to one in the NBA Finals to a team that set the record for most regular season wins ever earlier in the year. Throw in the fact that they were the first major sports team from the city of Cleveland to bring home a championship in 52 years, and that level of “shocked” climbs even higher.

Still, that’s nothing compared to how shocked Cavs guard Iman Shumpert was at the White House Thursday afternoon when President Obama called for his podium to be moved before taking a team photo.

Good lord. Either LeBron James or Kevin Love need to do this kid a favor and make sure he leaves his hotel room the next time the team hits the road because they are doing some amazing things out there these days. I mean if that was his reaction to a portable podium, wait until he finds out that you can store hundreds of your favorite songs on your cellphone or hell, wait until he finds out that cellphones are even a thing.

Or maybe they need to show him this awesome chimp carry a bunch of oranges, or this rad oragutan’s reaction to a magic trick.

Then again, they might want to take it slow. After all, if they show him something like Times Square, his head might explode.

h/t Barstool Sports

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