Budget-Friendly Vacations You Have to Experience This Summer

Summer is here and, with that, the urge to adventure past our 9-to-5 lifestyles and head out into the world of new. Unfortunately, vacations can get pretty pricey with the cost of airfare, hotels, food and entertainment, and oftentimes that becomes our biggest deterrent for travel. Lucky for you, we have you covered with these 7 budget-friendly vacations.

Havana, Cuba

Photo: Marika Bortolami/Flickr Creative Commons.

Not what you expect when you think of budget travel, but aside from your flight, Havana is the budget-tourist’s dream spot. You’ll see eclectic architecture around every corner, drive in cars straight out of the 70’s, and find yourself enthralled to some genuine Latin beats.

Traveler’s Tip: Stay at the historic Hotel Casa Grande. Nights start at $60 and you’ll have a beautiful view of the mountains from your balcony.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Roman Boed/Flickr Creative Commons.

Getting to and staying in Copenhagen has never been cheaper, so if you’ve ever planned on going, now’s the time. Hotel prices have dropped 16% since last year, and you can catch a round trip flight for less than $400. Once you’re there, check out the historic Nyhavn neighborhood and eat all of the Nordic food you’ve never heard of before!

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Bali, Indonesia

Photo: Thomas Depenbusch/Flickr Creative Commons.

Food, beaches, shopping and history – if you name it, Bali has it. Check out a yoga commune for a lesson, enjoy some R&R on a white-sand beach or check out the local music at a restaurant or bar.

Traveler’s Tip: For a summer break you might forget, check out the beach city of Kuta for a lively bar scene with tons of culture. For a summer break that leaves you changed, check out one of their yoga and meditation retreats for a few days of pure, organic bliss.

San Antonio, Texas

Photo: Pedro Szekely/Flickr Creative Commons.

For delicious barbecue, seafood, art and a city rich in culture and pride, look no further than San Antonio, Texas. This year, San Antonio has undergone a serious culinary boom, making it a destination for foodies around the country. Top that off with a few UNESCO World Heritage sites, like the Alamo, and you have a vacation your Instagram will love.

Traveler’s Tip: You can’t leave until you’ve tried a puffy taco from Ray’s Drive-Inn. The best part (aside from the extra-puffed, perfectly-fried tortilla, of course) is that each taco is only $2.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Photo: Brian Fagan/Flickr Creative Commons.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, tropical drink in hand, go temple-hopping around the mountaintops, or explore secret caves and take pictures of the resident monkeys, Vietnam is for you. Because the US dollar is the equivalent to around 22,300 Vietnamese Dong, your wallet won’t be sad either.

Traveler’s Tip: Avoid anything that says “thit cho,” as that translates to “dog meat” and you don’t want to eat dog no matter what country you’re in.

Asheville, North Carolina

Photo: PRODavid Berkowitz/Flickr Creative Commons.

If you’re just trying to escape the city-grind of your 9-5, check out the coolest small town in America. Check out the River Arts district for bomb beer (starting at $3), or head to National Park System’s Blue Ridge Parkway to take in the mountainous views. If you really want to unwind, pack your tent and escape to Pisgah National Forests. You won’t be disappointed.

Traveler’s Tip: Check out one of the many creameries for the freshest milk and cheese you’ve ever tasted.

Nambia, Africa

Photo: PROCaroline Granycome/Flickr Creative Commons

For budget travelers with a taste for adventure, experience an ultimate African safari for a price you can actually afford. Rent a car at Etosha National Park and then drive to the watering hole to see lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos and elephants in their natural habitat.

Traveler’s Tip: Since you’re on a safari, skip the hotel and stay at one of the government-run campsites in the National Park.