Lounging with the Locals and Locally Sourced at The Roxy Eatery, New York

If a visitor to Tribeca is on the hunt for a quality dining experience, there will be multiple options. After all, it’s still one of New York’s hottest and fastest evolving neighborhoods.

But, while on that Triangle Below Canal restaurant quest, the traveler might face pretentious hostesses, frustrating reservation lists and long waits in loud, crowded bars. All of that can be avoided when enjoying the excellent options at the eatery tucked away in the new Roxy Hotel.

The Roxy’s restaurant shares space with the lobby bar and an intimate stage setting for local live jazz acts. Guests can lounge with a drink in a communal area open to travelers and locals or opt for a full sit down dining experience.

If opting for the latter the visitor will find the staff low key and friendly. Yes, they’re efficient and clad in the black and white uniform of higher end New York restaurant staff — but there’s no hip, up their own backside Manhattan attitude. That wouldn’t fit the mellow, warm atmosphere The Roxy is looking to establish.

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This reporter opened with the joint’s signature cocktail, The Roxy (El Dorado Rum, Sour Cherry Cordial, Cinnamon, Lime and Pineapple Juice). It’s not the most manly drink I tackled in New York that week, but it set a friendly mood.

I kept the starter simpler with a Caesar and opted for a Pan Seared Roast Pork Chop as my main. In general, Chef Joseph Abbruzzese seems to keep the menu selections trimmed down and modestly themed — relying on fresh and locally or regionally sourced shellfish, lamb, beef, chicken, pork and seafood. The end result is a hearty bill of fare providing ample portions of fresh, quality food.

If there’s a quibble to be had with The Roxy, it would hit in the dessert department. It seems the restaurant sources some of its dessert options from around the neighborhood. Yes, they’re locally sourced, but not Roxy kitchen sourced.

Suffice to say, that night’s selection was composed of all-natural-semi-artisan-vegan-gluten-free (…You get the idea…) selections that were rough on texture and short on flavor. A note to this young restaurant: Desserts aren’t supposed to be healthy. Set the butter and sugar free.

But, that was one night’s dessert selections. They change night to night. To play it safe, diners might want to stick with the ice cream selections. Those were spot on and refreshing.

Dessert quibbles aside, The Roxy’s eatery is a prime Tribeca option for both New York locals and travelers looking for big city food in a low key atmosphere offering a break from Manhattan’s hyperactivity and pretentiousness.