Walmart Loss Prevention Officer Accuses Woman Of Theft, Ends Up Looking Like A Complete Idiot

Screenshot: YouTube

Yes, even though Walmart is a dumpster you usually can’t beat their prices which is why people continue to go there. Even though they have dead bodies in their restroom and tons of fights, people still enjoy dealing with trash in order to get a good bargain. And you know what else? Sometimes a loss prevention officer will accuse you of stealing even if you haven’t stolen a thing. And that’s what happened to one Minnesota woman.

It all kicked off when 45-year-old Gina Lescarbeau began to shoot on Facebook Live when two loss prevention officers, Kenny Swanson-Peck and Thomas Ewalt at the Burnsville Walmart stopped her and accused her of stealing a Lion King Disney Junior toy.

‘”You know the lion isn’t on the receipt’ Swanson-Peck says on video.  “You could record me all you want…The lion isn’t on the receipt. I don’t see anything on there for 15 dollars.”

There’s only one issue. The toy wasn’t $15, it was $7, and boy, when Swanson-Peck realizes this he quickly ends up looking like the biggest idiot in Minnesota.

Check out the exchange below, but heads up because there is some NSFW language.

The best part of this is Swanson-Peck realizing he’s absolutely wrong and instead of apologizing he decides to mumble something and head to his office to hideout. What a clown. And remember, all this for a kid’s toy.

h/t Daily Mail

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