Anyone Seen These Walmart Thieves Who Fled With Shopper’s Cash On Motorized Scooters?

Photo: Leadinglights (Getty)

Ah, Walmart, the place where you can get the best price on an item and see the trashiest people all at the same time.

According to The Smoking Gun, as of this morning cops in Pennsylvania are asking the public for help in identifying a pair of Walmart shoppers who are suspected of stealing another shopper’s credit cards. And what makes this quite the story is that the pair actually got around the store on motorized scooters. Just take a look at the screenshot below captured by surveillance video.

Boy, they sure look like useful citizens of society.

Pennsylvania State Police say these folks stole cash and credit cards from a woman who reported losing her purse earlier this month at a Walmart in Honesale. Police also report that the woman’s credit cards were used for purchases at a McDonald’s (of course), a Sunoco gas station and a Walmart — 20 miles from where the victim’s stuff was stolen.

The pair got around in motorized scooters before fleeing in a station wagon. All in all these sound like two people that just spend their days mooching off others.

While they haven’t been caught yet, something tells me they won’t get very far and will be busted very soon.

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