Westhouse Hotel New York Offers Classy Sanctuary

The Westhouse Hotel is more than a welcoming, luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Manhattan. It’s a sanctuary offering quiet, comfy shelter when that heart is beating a little too loudly.

The New York traveler couldn’t ask for a much better location for a hotel than where the Westhouse put down roots. A five minute walk puts you in Central Park or at the steps of Carnegie Hall. Fifteen minutes worth of steps drops you in the middle of Times Square or the Theater District. Just a few minutes’ worth of ambition leads to Hell’s Kitchen and Restaurant Row.

All of those world famous attractions will probably pull you of the Westhouse, but no one would blame you if you decided to be a “home away from homebody” and enjoy the hotel’s atmosphere while New York hustles on by you.

The Westhouse Hotel shares a building with other accommodations around the corner, occupying the top floors of its building and sharing a gym space with the Park Central Hotel.

But, the hotel’s bar, lobby lounge, breakfast area and roof terrace are all unique to the Westhouse. That bar is the venue’s true highlight. Comfortable, warmly lit, low key and armed with free wifi, the bar is the perfect place to work, conduct a small meeting or enjoy a conversation with a friend.

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To enjoy the bar at his or her leisure, a guest pays a daily $35 fee. That entitles the traveler enjoy tea, soft drinks, simple cocktails and wine throughout the day. The fee also snags you free breakfast or soft drinks up on the hotel’s small, but spectacularly located rooftop deck. (That’s the view below.)

While in the bar, you won’t be bothered by loud music or intrusive wait staff since your tab is pre-paid. However, if you do interact with Westhouse Hotel staff, you’ll find them professional, pleasant and tuned in to the vibe of the property.

Rooms at the Westhouse Hotel are comfortable, classically appointed and (most importantly in downtown New York) quiet. I had the pleasure of enjoying one of the hotel’s two room corner suites, offering a space for working, entertaining or relaxing while the cozy bedroom waited off to the side. 

Whatever services the boutique hotel might not offer on site — from specific room service to hair and cosmetic consultations — can be imported to the Westhouse with a little advanced heads up and extra cash. In fact, the hotel’s representatives practically boasted that there was very little they couldn’t get on site for a guest by way of goods or services with a little warning,


If you’re local to New York and can swing by the Westhouse this time of year — even if you’re not looking for a room — you can at least take in the special decorations the hotel displays for the holidays. Specially designed and maintain by BRRCH Florist Designs, the wreaths, garlands and other designs perfectly compliment the Westhouse’s classic, understated atmosphere.

Photos by Westhouse and John Scott Lewinski