Creative Ideas For Reusing Glass Beer Bottles

Let’s say you just threw a big banger at your house or you had a long weekend of partying, most likely the recycling bin in your garage is filled to the very top with leftover beer bottles and other glass receptacles. Although recycling is usually the best idea in terms of doing the right thing for our environment, you can take a different approach and upcycle your post-party excess into new and creative items that can be useful for your home.  Check out some creative ideas listed below!

Beer Lights

When the Holidays come, think: Beer. Everyone needs a few beers to help them get through the holidays, so why not get creative and use some of those left over beer bottles to add to your Christmas decorations.  View some more photos here.   

Coat Hooks

After coming home from a stressful day at work, hang your coat on the hook and be instantly reminded of that cold beer waiting for you in your fridge. Go purchase here.

Desk Lamp

Decorate your college dorm room with a beer bottle desk lamp to help motivate you to finish all your work (so you can go out to that party and drink some more beers). Take your pick here.

Guitar Slide

Using parts of a beer bottle to create an extra guitar slide for an impromptu jam session is a unique way to rock, and save some money. Here’s how.


Show your devotion to boozing by creating a chandelier that reflects your favorite brand of brown bubbly. Or just buy this one.


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