The Mandatory Binge Guide to the Most Popular Types of Beer

Photo: Natalie Jeffcott (Getty Images)

The alcohol world is complicated. This is specifically true in whisk(e)y and beer. The first, whisk(e)y, is dominated by terms like single malt, bottled in bond, single barrel, small-batch, and the various style of whisk(e)y including Scotch, bourbon, rye, and many others. It would be difficult to dissect and explain everything in one article. It would be crazy long and you’d probably feel fairly bored about halfway through. The same goes for beer. This is why, instead of breaking down every term and style of beer, we decided to give you a simple explanation of nine of the most common styles.

Since we’re all about keeping things as concise and easy to understand as possible, we stuck to the classic. Below, you’ll find nine beer styles and a blurb highlighting the pertinent information about each. Use this as a cheat sheet the next time you’re at a party or get-together and someone wants to talk about beer.


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