iPhone 6s Will Reportedly Double the Memory of the Original


Though it seems like only yesterday we were reporting upon the historical launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the tech world is already looking to the future and the inevitable release of the iPhone 6s (if that is what Apple will choose to name it).

Even though we’re still many months away from the debut of the device, the rumor mill has already started spinning with gossip about what the new device’s specs and appearance.

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Today it is being reported that insiders have obtained knowledge suggesting that the iPhone 6s will come with 2GB of RAM, doubling the original iPhone 6’s 1GB of memory.

This will allow the device to run faster and will make it an all-around better user experience, though Apple is also said to not be entirely sold on the idea due to potential supplier issues, and because increasing the memory could also make the device too expensive.

These rumors were put into motion by Taiwan’s Tech News, and though we remain sceptical that anyone has access to insider information at this stage, this could be a rather easy bet. Coupling a memory boost with the iPhone’s typical CPU upgrade would certainly make the iPhone 6s an even more attractive purchase than its predecessor, and will certainly give Samsung’s newly announced Galazy A7 a run for its money, which also boasts 2GB of RAM.