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Dwayne Johnson Got a Case of the ‘F*ck Its’ (And the Way He Dealt With Them Is Delicious)

No one can stick to a clean eating regimen all day, every day, for an indefinite amount of time. At some point, you’re going to splurge on something super caloric or you’re going to allow yourself a cheat day. Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, knows what we’re talking about – he just has a different name for the meals when you fall off the healthy food bandwagon. He calls it “a case of the fuck its.”

We know because the wrestler-turned-actor recently posted about this phenomenon on Instagram. In a video, he showed fans how he deals with “the fuck its” – and it looks mouthwateringly delicious.

The clip zooms in on a pair of plates containing what appear to be bacon cheeseburgers on fluffy, glistening brioche buns. Surrounding the burgers are two piles of thick-cut fries. To wash that all down, Johnson has a glass of his own Teremana Tequila brand on the rocks.


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“Ever get a case of the ‘Fuck its,’” Johnson captioned the envy-inducing vid, along with a slew of emojis. “Well, I caught a big one last night of the ‘Wednesday fuck its’ and decided it was cheat meal time which is usually always reserved for Sundays.”

“I’ve been dealing with my ‘fuck its’ for many years now, in many areas of my life,” he continued. “And truth is there’s nothing more satisfying than a big, strong, confident, glorious case of the fuck its.”

In conclusion, he wrote, “Enjoy your fuck its, my friends.”

Damn. We never thought we would wish a case of “the fuck its” on ourselves, but we totally are after seeing this insanely tempting feast. Excuse us while we clean the drool of our screen…

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