Ranked! The 10 Most Ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions You Can Wish Upon Yourself (Yet People Do It Anyway)

Photo: Cavan Images (Getty Images)

You might not realize it, but there’s a reason your local gym is filled with strangers for the first few weeks of January every year. Luckily, these new people standing in front of the wall-sized mirrors while they take selfies holding weights will be gone by the middle of the month. The reason they even showed up in the first place is because they, like many, have decided to make a New Year’s resolution. In this case, they’ve resolved (and then given up) to join a gym and get in better shape.

But, starting a workout regime isn’t the only cliché resolution people seem to make every single year only to forget about within a few weeks. There are numerous ridiculous (because they’re never actually going to do them) New Year’s resolutions. Below, we ranked the top ten in order of most to least likely achievement. Keep scrolling to see how many of yours are on this list.


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