How Psychedelics Can Save Us From the Pandemic Blues

Have you been obsessively cleaning obscure surfaces in your home over and over? How about pacing in circles for hours while muttering to yourself? Or, worst of all, are you doomscrolling until your neck is kinkier than an ex-president on a private island? The pandemic is causing a spike in mental health problems, which is probably no surprise to any of you by now. Isolation, boredom, and fear all create a perfect recipe for folks to go all The Shining. Can psychedelics help people cope?

According to an avalanche of research, the answer seems to be a big yes. While most psychedelics are still illegal, this could change in the next few years. Instead of tripping balls in your buddy’s basement, you’ll be able to astral project from the comfort of a luxury spa. And if your trip suddenly takes a dark turn, there’s a nice doctor or nurse right there to chill your vibes. We take a look at how the psychedelics can help with the pandemic blues.

Cover Photo: Jane Khomi (Getty Images)

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