Mandatory Party Battles: Virtual Parties vs. In-Person Parties

Parties are in short supply these days – as they should be, given how quickly they can cause the spread of coronavirus. But as our in-person interactions have been scaled back (if not eliminated completely), people aren’t giving up on getting together.

A new study by QS Supplies shows that six in 10 people have hosted or attended a virtual party during quarantine. The on-screen festivities have ranged from happy hours to birthday parties to game nights to concerts. No matter what kind of party, guests are still having a blast; around one-third report getting drunk, 15.3 percent have gotten high, and 9.2 percent have enjoyed some nudity (their own or someone else’s) during said parties.

But are virtual parties really better than the face-to-face kind? In this Mandatory Party Battle, we’re breaking down the aspects of what makes a good party to determine which kind of get-together truly rules.

Cover Photo: Flashpop (Getty Images)

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We hate to say it, but in this day and age, virtual parties take the cake. They’re simply the most cost-effective, safest, and easiest way to get your social fix without putting yourself or others at risk for contracting coronavirus. While there’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction, virtual parties will likely continue to gain popularity during quarantine. Someday, we’ll revert to the bonfire and kegger fetes of the past, but for now, a virtual party is still better than no party.

Overall Winner: Virtual Party

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