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Papa John’s Founder Eats 40 Pizzas In One Month, Says It Tastes Different When You’re Made of Dough

It’s official: Papa John has gone off the deep end. In an interview with a Fox affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky, the pizza chain founder (whose real name is John Schnatter) claims to have consumed 40 pizzas in a month because he believes the recipe of his beloved ‘za has changed. The pizza mogul was removed as Papa John’s chairman and as the face of the brand in July of 2018. Since then, he’s sued the company and things have gotten uglier than an anchovy and pineapple pizza.

Schnatter claims the company’s board of directors is trying to steal his company. But, since he was ousted because of a racially-charged conference call that was recorded and released for everyone to hear, we’re pretty sure they’re making the right choice. Either way, Schnatter believes that on top of taking his company away for racist rhetoric, they’ve also changed the recipe of his pride and joy. For people who’ve tried this horrible excuse for a pizza, this won’t necessarily be such a bad thing.

This makes us wonder about other foods we’d like to see Schnatter stuff his face with for 30 days. Check them all out below.

Photo: Taro Yamasaki / Contributor (Getty Images) 

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