Papa Johns Is Blaming Their Terrible Pizza Sales On NFL Protests And Now They’re Getting Roasted

Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage (Getty)

As many crappy commercials featuring Peyton Manning as they release, Papa Johns is and will always be a terrible pizza franchise. And it’s not the fact that Papa Johns himself is a creep, it is that the pizza is absolute trash. But don’t tell that to Papa, because he actually believes their poor pizza sales are because of the NFL protests.

According to ESPN, “the official pizza company of the NFL,” is blaming football players’ and their protests for its poor sales. Here’s what company founder and CEO John Schnatter had to say:

“The NFL has hurt us. We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this.”

What a tool. And Twitter was quick to act as they got to roasting Papa Johns. Take a look at the best responses below.

Try again, Papa.

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