Pizza Company Founder Goes Rogue, Creates “Save Papa John’s” Website

Photo: matt_benoit (Getty Images)

You may not know John Schnatter by name, but you certainly know his face and his food, considering Schnatter is the man who famously founded Papa John’s Pizza and, up until a few months ago, was the CEO of the third largest take-out chain in the United States.

That all came to an abrupt end however, after Papa John’s earnings report took a massive hit and Schnatter decided to blame slumping sales on their partnership with the NFL, who at the time was allowing players to kneel during the national anthem. It of course had nothing to do with the fact that Papa John’s pizza tastes like hot garbage dripping with kerosene or that their employees were busted selling cocaine.

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The resulting controversy lead extremist and racist groups to rally around the chain, dubbing it the official pizza of the alt-right movement. Papa John’s co-owners were quick to denounce that designation and “Papa John” was swiftly removed as company CEO. Schnatter was allowed to remain as chairman of the board, but that position ended abruptly, too, as Schnatter was forced to resign after he used a racial slur during a company conference call.

You’d assume the embarrassment from those incidents would keep Schnatter out of the public eye, but you’d be wrong. The man who famously threw a touchdown pass to Peyton Manning in a Papa John’s commercial has went rogue and started his own sub-par website in effort to get his former job back.

Twitter understandably had some fun with

The website not only features an incredibly detailed and narcissistic “About Me” section, which includes a detailed list documenting every award and accomplishment bestowed upon Schnatter, but it also displays legal documents against Papa John’s Pizza, which he believes will exonerate him from an unjust firing.

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In reality, he might be better served to print those documents out and shove them in a piping hot pizza oven considering Schnatter’s reputation is basically up in flames now.