Pizza Hut Sent A Dumped Woman Free Food, And Other Pizza Joints Should Take Notes

Photo: Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut

I’m not saying Pizza Hut is the greatest pizza out there. I don’t know many people who have ever said that. But what I am saying is that other pizza places should probably take notice at what the pizza chain recently did for one Australian woman.

According to the NY Post, Rosie Waterland recently took it to Twitter to reveal to her followers that she had just been dumped and then blocked by some guy. Check out the tweet below:

But not to worry because Pizza Hunt Australia was there to help out Waterland, tweeting this:

Waterland of course jumped on the offer:

“Haha we <3 you Rosie, let us know what your fave pizzas are, where to send them & we’ll deliver them Friday night.”

Now that’s how you promote your company. Do you know who needs to do something similar? Papa John’s. You know, the pizza joint that pretty much shit the bed last year after blaming their crappy sales on the NFL protests. They need to start sending free pizza to people down in the dumps. Anything to put their company back in good graces. Or just start making pizza that taste good.

Not exactly a bad thing: This Highway Was Left Covered In Pizzas After A Tractor Trailer Accident

Little Caesars needs to do something for their fans after also crapping the bed. Literally.

Hell, Dominoes may want to do something similar as a response to their competition. Maybe they can send me a box of free pizza for these pearls of wisdom I’m sending them. And speaking of pearls of wisdom, let’s wrap this story up with this tweet:

Well, hard to argue with that.