A Monster Put Marshmallow Peeps On A Pizza And Now The Internet Hates Him

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Why? Why would you commit such an atrocity?

I think everyone is pretty much aware by now that marshmallow Peeps is one of the most gross things ever created, and anyone that enjoys them also probably enjoys satanism and the songbook of Pitbull. And if it wasn’t bad enough eating that marshmallow nightmare, someone actually decided to put it on…and get this…a pizza. A freaking pizza.


That’s right, folks. Some unstable fella by the name of Austin Braun took it to Twitter to show everyone a pizza topped not with any normal toppings, but the worse topping a person can have on anything: Peeps.

Take a look at what Austin tweeted below.



Now no word yet if Austin was just trolling Twitter, or if he actually enjoys putting this in his face-hole. Regardless, Twitter wasn’t having any of it.

And apparently someone was so mad they considered murdering Austin.

Well this got serious pretty quickly. Then again, this is a serious situation.

But hey, if you’re curious to what this tastes like, go ahead and make one for yourself. It will serve as a good reminder that Peeps are garbage.

h/t Elite Daily

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