Peeps-Flavored Beer Is A Thing So Maybe Peeps Aren’t As Much Of An Atrocity Now

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Show me someone who says they actually like Peeps and I’ll show you a freaking liar. While that may be a tad dramatic, it’s honestly difficult to find anyone that actually enjoys those marshmallow nightmare birds. It’s kind of how it’s difficult to find someone who enjoys candy corn. But not to worry, because Peeps may be getting quite the improvement.

According to Grub Street, the folks at the Dallas-based brewery, Collective Brewing Project, are the masterminds behind the Peeps Beer: a “sour ale brewed with more than 30 boxes of Peeps, some vanilla, and butterfly-pea flower.”

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Ryan Deyo, the co-founder of Collective Brewing Project, tells Dallas Morning News that they hate that beer has “become this super serious thing,” and that beer “should be a fun thing.”

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CBP has teamed up with Lone Star Taps & Caps to make this Peeps beer — a beer that the makers say is supposed to have a “marshmallow-y” and “lightly tart” taste. And if that’s not odd enough, they’ve also added some glitter.

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If you’re super eager to devour this Peeps beer, it will only be available in the Dallas area around Easter. But don’t worry, buy yourself a box of Peeps and shove them into a glass of beer and you will essentially have the same time #LifeHacks.