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Brews News: Another Questionable Summer Beer Flavor Hits Liquor Store Shelves

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Summer beer is no stranger to fruity flavors, but the latest from Narragansett might be an acquired taste.

Del’s Watermelon Shandy is the latest addition to the brand’s popular summer beer flavors. The sweet, tart, and refreshing beverage mimics the taste of a watermelon-flavored ice. It joins fellow summery brew Del’s Lemon Shandy. Both are available only through the summer.

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“If you ever want a quick way to start a heated debate with your neighbor here in Rhode Island, and I know you do, just ask what their favorite Del’s flavor is,” says Mark Hellendrung, President of Narragansett Beer. “While Del’s has made a ton of great flavors in the last 70-plus years, around here it’s the lemon and watermelon that we argue over the most. So, we figured, ‘why not fuel the fire’? I suspect our Nobel Peace Prize is in the mail.”

Brewed since 1890, the brand’s flagship lager was so heavily featured in the movie Jaws (the first summer blockbuster) that it began releasing a 1975 throwback can a few years ago.

If watermelon beer isn’t your thing, fret not. There are plenty of summer brews that’ll be the perfect accompaniment to a day at the beach (or an afternoon shark-hunting). Check our picks out below.

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