Higher Power: 7 Cannabis Life Hacks to Help Fix What’s Broken in You

In the 21st century, everyone from Silicon Valley CEOs to athletic superstars to working joes are tapping into the potential of cannabis to enhance their performance. It’s a regular green revolution. Innovative and fun new THC delivery methods seem to be invented every day. CBD-infused iced coffee, low-dose edibles, and herbal aphrodisiacs are just some of the staggering plethora of cannabis products now legally available in many states. If you’re still experiencing paranoia or couch lock when intaking your cannabis products, you’ve fallen behind the times. The right herbal remedy can help elevate your workflow, workouts, love life, and even sleep into far higher states. Whether you’re an old stoner like Cheech and Chong or a high-functioned cannabis connoisseur à la Elon Musk, this list of seven cannabis life hacks will help you become the best version of yourself.

Cover Photo: MaxRiesgo (Getty Images)

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