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12 Cannabis Products to Cool You Off and Get You High This Summer

Would it surprise you to learn that we think getting high is the solution to all of life’s problems? Big and small, insane or petty–reefer madness is the escape you’re looking for. This includes bypassing insane heatwaves by way of cannabis products. Of course, holding fire near your face to smoke sounds less and less appealing as we approach triple digital temperatures. That’s why, this time of year, edibles are often the best way to consume cannabis when all you wanna do is chill. You deserve to be high, even if going for a walk afterward means you’ll suffer from heat stroke.

That said, thanks to the cannabis renaissance, there’s no lack of ways to get high this summer and beat the heat. Lucky for you, we’ve tested the products and know the hacks to ensure you’re chill in every way possible. The next time the heat just won’t let up and you need to check out and cool off, try one of these cannabis products instead.

Image: psychobeard (Getty Images)